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Who is footetraffic? WE ARE!

We’re the Foote family, from Denver, CO. Yes, we cheer for the Broncos and the Rockies, no matter the season. Nuggets, who?

Riding a horse-drawn carriage, through the beautiful streets of Granada, Nicaragua, on a family vacation, June 2015

Riding a horse-drawn carriage, through the beautiful streets of Granada, Nicaragua, on a family vacation, June 2015

We’re missionaries in San José, Costa Rica. Sí, hablamos español. Sometimes.

We’re entrepreneurs who love the small business world. It is rumored that Jordan has talked Marie’s ear off about this topic. Marie was unavailable for comment. She couldn’t hear the question.

We love coffee and we’ve been given a chance to export it from the mountains of Costa Rica. That alone should have you reading our site a little more!

We love how God has used our global network to land us in the place of creating small business opportunities to train Latinos in business skills … so when they are called to head to other nations, they are ready to enter any community and transform lives through a small business of their own! Talk to us about your perspective on Business as Missions.

We homeschool (ok, when you live in a country other than your passport country, we think it counts as worldschooling – that sounds so much cooler) our two adopted-from-birth kids! This takes up a lot of our time, but it’s worth it all, even on the hard days.

We love meeting new people and deepening friendships and partnerships on this adventure … we hope you’re one of them soon!

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica (Caribbean side of the country), June 2014


  1. Dear Marie, I came across your lovely tribute to your dad (and photo) on the web site for your late dads’s book (Truth Encounter). I briefly met your dad in 2004 whilst visiting with another friend and former priest Bart Brewer in San Diego. Your dad kindly gave me a copy of his book. I’m hoping shortly to write an article about ‘Scapular Superstition’ (I was given a scapular whilst holidaying in Cork in the south of Ireland last week – I took it in return for giving the giver a copy of a DVD of me debating a Jesuit priest on the subject of Mary) and I hope to quote several ex Catholic sources and one will be from your dad’s book. You can see a tribute I penned about Bart Brewer who died in 2005 on this link and in it I refer to meeting your dad and there is a photo of the three of us. I could see from the photo of you and your dad that the ‘sparkle’ had gone from his eyes so it is ‘far better’ that he is with Christ now. Sincere love and good wishes in Christ to you and yours. Cecil Andrews, ‘Take Heed’ Ministries, Northern Ireland.

    • admin

      Dear Cecil,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! How wonderful that you knew both my Dad and Bart Brewer. I am eager to read your writing and if there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Thank you for sharing with your circles. May our Lord and Savior bless you and keep you!
      Marie Pezzotta Foote

  2. Tammy and Rod Butler

    It was great to meet you when you visited Rio Vista. I want to stay in touch.

    • admin

      Hello, Tammy & Rod! We will definitely do that! I think Jordan has your contact info. We will also add you to our email list and you can always find us here on this site. We didn’t use it much in 2017 but will use it a lot more in 2018. =) God bless you guys!
      – Marie

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