We are almost 3 weeks into our first 6 month home assignment. In some ways, everything is the same and we have come back to an unchanged Denver, Colorado that we left over two years ago for Costa Rica.

And yet, everything is different.

Lay’s Potato Chips now has a limited edition Southern Biscuits and Gravy flavor. No, thank you, but you sure get points for trying.

The “I’d rather be surfing” dude, who used to spin signs for H&R Block and Quizno’s subs on Arapahoe Road, is now brandishing a board for Vapes at the same street corner – a modern day jaust with oncoming drivers. Oh yea, “they” legalized marijuana sales here right after we left and “they” are oh-so-proud-of-it.

Gay marriage and Planned Parenthood videos are some of the main topics of discussion on TV & radio, and even though I have followed some of it online from Costa Rica, it’s easier for my heart to walk past what’s online when it still feels 5,000 miles away. It’s more challenging to ignore it when it’s actually talking to you. Then again, ISIS is still killing Christians in the Middle East. That weighs upon my heart and THAT is considerably many more miles away. Selective hearing wasn’t just my childhood practice when I  didn’t want to put down my Trixie Belden book to help set the table.

I’m adjusting. Adjusting to a church that has changed so much since it sent us off to Costa Rica. Adjusting to a husband and children who have never experienced the “story of my life” re-entry after extended time away from the U.S. Adjusting to the pure gorgeousness that is driving in wide lanes, on wide roads, with clear lines and traffic lights that work more than they don’t.

The Velvet Ashes cross-cultural community I’ve been a part of for the last year discussed “adjustment” last week, so I’ve been mulling it over, having conversations with God and with my keyboard.

At the end of the day, for me, it’s not a question of to WHAT I am adjusting, but to WHOM. The world is constantly changing. So are my emotions. So are my circumstances. There is only one steady, True North in this compass called my life. That’s Jesus. My adjusting to the requirements of a cross-cultural worker is more of a repeated recalibration … to Him.

From my will to His.

From my plan ABCDEFG to His plan A.

From my angst about whatever petty thing I’m fixating upon, to His peace that passes understanding because yes, Marie, God’s got this.

From my desires to His best, even when I don’t feel like it’s what’s best, at first.

I take great comfort in knowing that Jesus had to do it too, when He crossed cultures from Heaven to Earth. “If it’s at all possible, let this cup pass from me. BUT NOT MY WILL, BUT YOURS BE DONE.” He understands my human need for recalibration when I get off course, when my gears are just off enough that it’s just.not.working.

I’m so thankful for the ability He grants me to adjust to Him. I know that He knows that it’s what I really want, in the end.

Now, if only they’d make a Lay’s Potato Chip that tastes like my favorite Filipino dish … with none of the calories. I’ll adjust to that any day!

Tell me about how you are adjusting to Him these days. How do you feel about it? I would love to pray for you!

If you are a woman in cross-cultural ministry, I invite you to join our community at Velvet Ashes. It has been a very safe place for my heart in the past year.

Last, our sending agency wrote up another article on what God is doing with the vision that He gave us years ago to do Business as Missions in Costa Rica. Please read and share what Emily wrote and rejoice with us in how awesome God is! Coffee That’s Truly Worth the Cost

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