When the idea of equipping Latinos to reach the unreached through Business as Missions endeavors was first presented to us in 2010, we had no idea what to expect.

Would Latinos truly want to be a part of this?

What could we possibly have to offer them in this process?

How would we know if/when we were successful?

Today, we are thrilled to report to you that we and others around us have seen the vision already up and running, even though we’ve been here for only 2 years! We believe that is possible only because of God’s movement and guidance. He is the One moving everything into the correct places, at just the right time. We are merely connecting puzzle pieces in His hands: called to obedience and faithfulness.

One of the main ways we have learned that Business as Missions works best is to employ people in our business and in the course of our daily lives, to help them in whatever way God allows, as the relationship deepens. Often, we have found that, while our goal is to help them and be of service to them, they help us so much more and bless us so much more than we ever could, them. Isn’t it great how the Lord works that out for His people?

Please read and share the stories of our precious employees (and beloved friends). We are learning that BAM work and relationships is not a one-size-fits-all assignment, because people are all unique and they come from a variety of life experiences, with different needs. However, as our focus is each person’s spiritual heart, evangelizing and discipling them flows naturally, as we lean on Jesus for every moment with them. Praise God with us and pray for them and for our continued relationship with each one of them.

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