A Nicaraguan Artist Chooses God over Government

About a year ago, as we were leaving the house to run an errand, we met a gentleman selling his paintings on our street. We didn’t have time to stop for a long chat, but we connected briefly and he agreed to come by again sometime so that we could take a look at his work.

Carlos Jordan

Since that time, we have met with him two other times and have pieced together some of his life story. Carlos is from a town 130 kms north of Granada, Nicaragua. He is an artist and is a strong follower of Jesus Christ. Because he refused to align himself with the Sandinista government’s beliefs, he was ostracized from finding decent work in his area and had to leave home to look for work elsewhere. His search brought him here to Costa Rica last year, where we met him for the first time.

We crossed paths again this summer weeks ago I, Marie, shed tears over his situation more than once in the 5 days that he was working for us. Carlos has experienced much prejudice and racism here because he is a Nicaraguan (and is older) and he has struggled to find work, although he is an honest man and a hard worker. Carlos is different from all those who come by our house, asking for food or money (trust us, there are many)!  Instead, he asks for work and he is grateful for whatever we give him. He has always been faithful to every task excellently … even tasks which we were concerned might be seen as “beneath him.” No, he worked “as unto the Lord” in everything, even working for friends of ours and impressing them with his work ethic. 

Our kids kept talking to us about how kind he is and we can see the Lord opening their eyes to those in need in a special way. They were so excited to put together a bag of toiletries for him for the week. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to for them to see that when Jesus is in a person, they are different from everyone else!

Hand-drawn, textured and hand-painted by Carlos and his wife. The plants in front of the local mountain scene are "matas de café" ... coffee plants!

Hand-drawn, textured and hand-painted by Carlos and his wife. The plants in front of the local mountain scene are “matas de café” … coffee plants!

God provided a way for us to contract him to do some artwork for the coffee business in time for the Christmas season, when we’ll be stateside. We’re excited to see how God leads us to work with him in the future. Please pray for his family and for doors to be opened for him to encourage even more people in the name of Jesus, as we work together to share his artwork with the world!

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