Dota Carbono Neutro

Santamaría Gourmet Coffee’s Dota Carbono Neutral is from the coffee farms of Santamaría de Dota in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica.

What is carbon neutral coffee?

The phrase “carbon neutral” refers to the effort to maintain a healthy balance in the environment.  As it relates to coffee, the processing of coffee creates emissions, including carbon dioxide, etc.  These can be harmful to an environment that is trying to produce some of the most important foliage in the world: coffee trees.

For a coffee to be considered carbon neutral, it means that the processing is done is such a way that there is an equal amount of oxygen and other positive elements expelled into the environment to counter the negative emissions that result from the processing.

Costa Ricans love the place they live.  They have a strong desire to keep their country looking beautiful.  They have dedicated more than 25% of all of the country to national park space.  In addition, much of the private land is filled with incredible plants and wildlife.  In an effort to keep the country beautiful, the previous political administration set a goal of making all of Costa Rica carbon neutral by 2020.  While a new administration has arrived and has different objectives, the people of Costa Rica continue to love the natural world that God created for them.  They want to respect and protect the plants and animals that live in Costa Rica.

Café Feliz believes that one of the ways we can worship the Lord is by respecting and caring for His creation.  It is a joy for us to learn and participate in caring for His creation together.  One other way we are doing that is through a coffee bag recycling program, in partnership with NASA and the James Webb Telescope.  For more information, please visit our website at

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