Exceptional Costa Rican Coffee to your door monthly while lives are transformed around the world.



When you join Club Café you will receive high quality freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee delivered to your door each month.  This coffee is from the Santamaría de Dota in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, where world class coffee is grown.  The coffee is just the beginning!  Along with your exceptional coffee you will read stories of how Café Feliz and their partners are using coffee to help transform lives and communities in Costa Rica and around the world.
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What is included in your subscription?
The Coffee:

The Signature subscription includes one of three different varieties from Santamaría de Dota in Tarrazú, Costa Rica.  This area is known for its rich volcanic soil  Additionally, this region is located between 1200 and 2000 meters above sea level, which is ideal for the growing of coffee.  This shade grown coffee is world renowned.  Actually, there are communities around the Tarrazú area that ask to be annexed by Tarrazú so that they can claim the name of the region because of its fame.  That is not the case with Santamaría de Dota, which is well positioned in the eastern Tarrazú region.


Our partners Santamaría Gourmet Coffee have found amazing growers who have taken pride in growing the best coffee for generations.

The Premium Coffee Varieties:

For our Club Café Coffee Lovers and Coffee Addicts there is something extra special.  In addition to the great Basic coffee varieties there are three premium that will be included in your coffee selections.

Reserva Especial – This special coffee is especially cared for by its growers.  Only the best beans will be considered “Special Reserve.”

Diamante Honey – From the Diamante farm, comes their Honey coffee, which is specifically processed to have extra sweetness.  The honey process is very unique and is growing in popularity, especially with Costa Rican coffees.  Click here for more information on this Honey process.

Carbono Neutral – One other unique coffee from our friends at Santamaría Gourmet Coffee is a Carbon Neutral coffee.  Costa Rica has amazing natural beauty.  Ticos (as Costa Ricans call themselves) want to keep their country beautiful and as a result they do many things to preserve their environment.  One of those things is to ensure that the way they grow their coffee does not have a negative impact on the environment.  That is one of the features of the premium Carbon Neutral coffee.  If it was not enough that it is good for the environment it is also an amazing tasting coffee.  Click here for more information on Carbon Neutral coffee.

The Impact:

We, at Café Feliz, and our partners at Santamaría Gourmet Coffee are committed to much more than coffee.  We seek to impact those around us and those around the world.  We believe that coffee can be a catalyst to transformation, physically, in a community and spiritually.  We live actively by the principles of loving others as ourselves and to treating others the way we want to be treated.  To see more about what we believe at Café Feliz, visit our We Believe page.

To that end, when possible we employ Costa Ricans.  From packaging to roasting, all of that is done in Costa Rica.  Though we have thought about the possibility and maybe the cost savings of moving some of these services to the US, we are committed to helping the communities and families in Costa Rica and one way is to provide jobs.

But our hearts are much bigger than just providing jobs.  Club Café is just part of what we do at Café Feliz.  Our vision and goal is to create opportunities for Costa Ricans to go and live in parts of the world where there is a desperate need for economic and spiritual hope and bring both to those places around the world.




Club Café:
Club Café:
Coffee Lover
Club Café:
Coffee Addict
Number of bags/mo 1 2 3
Access to Premium Coffee Varieties
Transformational Stories
Bonuses/gifts/perks & rewards
Referral Bonuses (see below for details)
Shipped anywhere in US
Price $19/mo $34/mo $46/mo
S/H Charge in US $6 $10 $12
How it works:

When you subscribe, you will receive your initial Club Café box of coffee awesomeness within a couple weeks. We ship membership packages around the 5th and 20th each month.  The exact date of shipment will depend on the shipment from Costa Rica.  Then each month after that, you will be billed at the same time as your initial order and the coffee will come at about the same time each month.  If you want to change your order at any time, let us know and we can make the adjustment for your next shipment.

Giving Club Café

If there is someone in your life who would love to receive exceptional Costa Rican coffee each month, there are two ways to connect them with us.

Gift – You can order and have the shipment go to another person.  When you click to order you will be asked where you want the monthly box of coffee joy sent.  Just put in your loved one’s information.

Our business (and its worldwide impact) lives by the referrals that it brings us.  We have a choice to divert significant time and money toward advertising, or we can spend that on making the product better and having a better impact  in the communities we are serving.  In exchange, we ask that you offer us one special consideration when you become a member.  We will give you the best coffee we can, along with stories of worldwide impact and interesting, helpful coffee information.  We desire that you recognize the impact that your subscription dollars make in the world through our global network of kingdom-minded servants. If we achieve what we promise, we ask that you identify two equally qualified coffee drinkers who you care enough about that you wish the same outcome and introduce them to us.

When someone you refer signs up,  you will receive a special bonus.  Make sure they give us your name in the Notes section when they place their order.


For any questions, please contact us directly at sales@cafefeliz.us. Blessings upon you today!

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