Megan just celebrated her 13th birthday in February and has mastered the art of a thousand selfies in one minute! She’s a classic young teen in that she appears and wants to be so grown up, but she is still a kid, so we’re learning together how to navigate the seeming paradoxes of her body, mind and heart. She and Micah have a love/hate relationship, and yet when given the option to go to their separate “corners” for homeschooling, they often choose to be near each other. When not schooling or hanging out & messaging her friends, she is singing on, watching Netflix, doodling, drawing or painting. She never seems to run out of ideas for art projects and she dreams of having her own art studio to create whatever she would like to when we’re back in Costa Rica. She asked Marie to help her co-write an original song, so it’s wonderful that they can bond over something that has been a passion and a side-ministry for Marie over the years.


What has struck us both lately is that Megan is a genuine encourager … we’ve seen her be a good friend to others, but she has also taken on the role of encourager in our family, especially when Marie is having a bad day physically or when Micah is melting down. We thought that she would struggle the most with leaving Denver and moving to Costa Rica over three years ago, but while enjoying fully her life, family and friendships stateside, she is vocal about wanting to return “home.” We are so grateful that she has learned to live in both realities with the God-given, free-spirit we saw in her from infancy! She is a fun, beautiful girl and we love having a teenager in the house, even though it’s not always easy. 

What have been some highlights of this past home assignment?

Spending time with my friends, having my birthday here, going shopping (our teen fashionista loves second-hand stores like Plato’s Closet!)


What has been challenging for you during this past home assignment?

Being away from my pets and my friends. (We have a dog, a rabbit and a bird waiting for us back in Costa Rica) and going to all the different places where we have friends and churches, like California and New York, to get more support.


What would you like our partners to pray for, for our family?

That we go back to Costa Rica and that we get another dog. Daddy said we could.

(Daddy did NOT tell Mommy this … yet, says Marie!)

(Daddy did not say this, says Jordan!)


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