Micah will be 10 years old on April 4. He loves both dressing and playing Army, learning to code in JavaScript and hacking Minecraft (virtual “Lego” projects on the computer) and showing off his Just Dance routines. He reminds us often that he plans to change the world and to make it a better place. We love that about his heart! We pray every day that the Lord will grant him that privilege, in the name and in the power of Jesus! We enjoy that Micah thinks and talks well beyond his years, but that he still likes to entertain himself and his friends with stuffed animals on some days. He asks us deep, spiritual questions that make us pause and think and he loves riddles and jokes. He teaches us technology that he’s learning, he’s our reader and learner.


He wrestles with black & white thinking and struggles with making choices. He has gone through a recent bout of lying and it’s been a challenge working with his heart about trustworthiness and integrity, but we see that our persistence in pursuing his heart is paying off. We can tell that God is at work in his life and that our precious son feels deeply the wrestling of choosing between right and wrong at times. Sometimes, he misses Costa Rica so much that he doesn’t understand why God still has us here. All we can do is hold him and cry with him (and tell him that we can understand the feelings he expresses because we feel them too!). We are grateful for a son who is so in touch with his feelings and who holds us accountable to things which we have said. 


What have been some highlights of this past home assignment?

I got to see my grandparents, I got a computer, and I got to have Krispy Kreme again. Krispy Kreme is the best! (That’s his latest thing with Grandpa). I got to see my old friends and make some new friends … Did I know Emma before we came back? I got to meet a new friend named Cody, he’s awesome! (Emma and Cody are fellow homeschooled buddies).

What has been challenging for you during this past home assignment?

Missing my home back in Costa Rica and having the stress of saying, “I don’t know when we’re going to go back.”

What would you like our partners to pray for, for our family?

Um, to get us back and for us to have a Krispy Kreme in Costa Rica. I saw a poster that said it’s coming soon! (Costa Rican pastries are not generally of good quality!)


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