Hello, everyone! Are you as thankful as we are that 2017 is now completely in the rear-view mirror? It was a tough year for many, and we certainly had our moments. What a joy to report that, even in the midst of the crises and challenges, JESUS walked with us every step of the way. He is always good, even when life is hard. He is always kind, even when we or others are not. He is always right, even when things don’t make sense to us. He is always with us, even when we might not “feel” it!

So, we have hinted on social media that we have some big news to share.  We are sharing two versions of our news below. For those of you who like it short and sweet, version 1 is for you. For those of you who want more details, scroll on down to version 2. If you really want even more information, you know exactly how to find us, because we will tell you (well, we will tell some of you, haha)! We have not been keeping this a secret, but we also have been processing it with those who have been tracking most closely with us, so some of you reading this already know this information. We sure would appreciate your prayers for our family in this season of transition!

VERSION 1: Short & Sweet

The Lord made it clear last year that were supposed to be moving back to Denver, Colorado. We have obeyed Him in this and … as of this past weekend, we are now officially residing stateside once again. This is a good move for us, but also a hard one. Anyone who has repatriated ahead of us has already spoken so much wisdom into us about the challenges ahead. We are continuing to live as we always have, taking steps of faith and obedience, and clinging to Jesus all the way. It’s the only way for us! We will continue to live on a combination of support/donations and self-funding until we transition fully out of the support mode in a few months, but we are NOT ending our ministry partnerships in Costa Rica, nor are we closing down Café Feliz! In fact, from what the Lord has opened up, we might actually see an increased effectiveness and an expanded ministry base because of this move. So, rejoice with us at God’s clear leading, even with all the unknowns and unanswered questions at this point. He is with us always and we are grateful to you for your support and encouragement, however you have chosen to partner with us. We are thankful for how God has grown us through your ministry to us!

VERSION TWO: More information

In November 2017, after an extended season of prayer and evaluating several major changes that had come up for our family and our ministry partnerships in Costa Rica, the Lord gave us both peace and clarity about something He had been laying on our hearts for a while: that it was time to move our base of operations for our ministry and coffee business back to Denver, Colorado. Since then, we have received wonderful encouragement and support from our partners on the ground in Costa Rica, from our family, from our leadership and mentors, and from our closest friends/supporters. While it was NOT what we expected from the Lord when we landed again in Costa Rica in May 2017, He has been revealing Himself to us in such sweet and special ways since we stepped out in faith to “follow Him wherever He leads us” (our tagline on footetraffic.net).

That being said, this was not a decision that came easily to us … there has been much grief for us and for our community in Costa Rica over our unexpected departure. We love our brothers and sisters there, they love us, and not being able to do life with them is and will be so hard. Please pray for us as we process our sadness and our joy about leaving home to move back “home.” Please pray for healing for our bodies (moving internationally 4 times in 4.5 years is EXHAUSTING) and our hearts (transition is HARD)! The kids are doing well and we can see God’s goodness in having them develop some deeper friendships during our extended time here in 2015-2016 … they are thankful to have the chance to reunite with those friends, even though they already miss their friends in Costa Rica.

Our purpose and work has NOT changed: Café Feliz exists to serve, ultimately, the unreached and unengaged peoples of the Middle & Far East who do not yet have easy access to the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. (For more on our mission, click here).

Those with whom we are serving has NOT changed: we are continuing to work with Santamaría Gourmet Coffee and missionaries … through the support of WorldVenture, Joy to the World, churches and individual supporters. There are many details tied to this which we will share in the future. 

What IS CHANGING is from where we are doing the above: from Costa Rica to Colorado, and with an expanded plan to assist even more missionaries than just those who are being sent from Costa Rica.

In the coming days, after we’ve had a chance to figure out which way is up, we will share more information about how things are going with our business Café Feliz (great things are a-comin’!!!!) and our plan with our ministry partners and our supporting churches in California (they are excited about working with us in expanding who benefits from the business as missions concepts with our coffee sales – it won’t be only Costa Rican missionaries in the near future).

Praise God with us:

  1. His constant lovingkindness towards our family. We could fill volumes and volumes of books with all the stories. We are excited to share more of them in 2018, than we did in 2017! He is an active, tender-hearted Abba Father and we are so thankful that He loves us all and that He shows us in such tangible, beautiful ways!
  2. Mom & Dad Foote were able to join us in Costa Rica for our final Christmas and New Year’s there … we could have never completed our transition out of our place without them! What a wonderful gift to have them there with us, as we said our bittersweet goodbyes and packed our crate & bags. God even allowed for us to return to Denver on the exact same flights, even though we didn’t know we were coming back to Denver when they booked their flights to come down!
  3. Micah seems to be doing a little better with his struggles with digestive issues and extreme anxiety. Those of you who have been tracking with us on Facebook know that this fall was incredibly difficult for us all with what he was going through. We’re not “in the clear” yet, not by a long shot, but we are seeing improvement and for that, we are grateful to God!
  4. Even though this last stint in Costa Rica was much shorter than we expected, God gave us true friends, deep community and life-giving relationships. We are RICH in heart and spirit for having these wonderful people take up residence in our lives and we thank God for the gift of technology which allows us to keep up with each other in both English and Spanish!
  5. We have come “home” to a loving community of family and some friends who have stayed in touch over the years … it would take us a LOT longer to feel comfortable here again if it weren’t for those tender hearts tracking with us consistently, lovingly, prayerfully. Sometimes, when we didn’t have the words … they still kept up with us … You know who you are and we could NEVER have done this without you. We thank the Lord for people like you!

Please pray for:

  1. Our house-hunting process: We are not sure where we’ll land in the next few weeks, but we are trusting that God already knows where He will have us shining His light. We just don’t know which neighbors we’ll have yet! We also need to buy a car and get re-settled in … you know, all the “starting over stuff,” as we call it in our family.
  2. The emotional side of transition: We never really left transitional living since our unplanned, extended medical leave and home assignment prior to May 2017. We feel like we’ve been in limbo home-wise for a long, long time and we are weary. God has ALWAYS provided for us in such kind ways and to be honest, we are ready for Him to provide a place where we can settle for a few years’ time, if that is what would bring Him the most glory.
  3. Our hearts: In the 4.5 years since we first landed in Costa Rica, many things have happened to us which have been “outside of our control” (as our WorldVenture director stated so aptly one day). We are very tired, sometimes feel wounded and are definitely disappointed that we aren’t moving into a long-term situation in Costa Rica. God is our Healer and He has been so good to us! We still do need much prayer and encouragement to keep on keeping on.
  4. The missionaries whom we seek to serve: As they remain on the field (or, in many cases, are trying desperately to get to the field, but lack funding), we would be able to continue to support them as they reach their communities with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of our experiences these past years, we have a deep understanding of what their lives are truly like and we are passionate about continuing to build a business as missions endeavor which will TRULY be impactful beyond what we can imagine.
  5. Our finances: We still have some support coming in and we look to God to continue to provide that as we transition to a more self-funded model. Some of our partners have already told us, “It doesn’t matter where you live or work, we are behind you 100%” … what a boon that has been for our hearts, knowing (and experiencing somewhat) that transitioning stateside is often the equivalent of support suicide. If you have any questions about how this aspect of our life and work will look in the coming months, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our updated contact information is available on on footetraffic.net and our email addresses & US cell phones haven’t changed.

One final note: We recognize that we were not very communicative outside of social media last year. The reason for that, as those of you who have tracked with us know, is that we were going through some really difficult things and we just did not have the energy to communicate as much as we had in the past. We did, however, continue to be fairly lidless in our way of life, so whenever anyone asked us anything, we were open and happy to share! If you have a need for information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us personally. Given our current situation, we would love the personal contact and have much to process … we would love to hear from you if you want to connect!

May this next year be filled with reassurances of God’s deep, deep love for you!

Jordan, Marie, Megan & Micah Foote

Jeremiah 33:2,3: “This is God’s Message, the God who made earth, made it livable and lasting, known everywhere as God: ‘Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.’ (MSG)

Isaiah 43:19: I’m about to do something brand-new.
    It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
    rivers in the badlands.

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