The Footes’ purpose, vision & mission (taken from our 2017 GoFundMe campaign info)

Note: While we are moving our base of operations back to Denver, Colorado, our passion to serve God in business as missions is stronger than ever. If you didn’t get a chance to see why we do what we do and what God has laid on our hearts, here it is. Some of the specific wording for just Costa Rica may not apply in the same way anymore, but we are still prayerfully figuring all of that out, since we aren’t ceasing our ministry connections in Costa Rica. For now, though, this is available for those who want to see what we’re all about!

Purpose Statement
Café Feliz exists to serve, ultimately, the unreached and unengaged peoples of the Middle & Far East who do not yet have easy access to the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The collateral beneficiaries of this endeavor are:
– The Costa Rican churches which are sending cross-cultural workers into those areas for evangelism and discipleship, through small businesses planted in communities without an evangelical witness
– The North American churches which are devoted to eradicating the sacred/secular divide in this lifetime

To accomplish this, Café Feliz seeks to mobilize Costa Rican and other Latino believers into the Middle & Far East as Christian business people, trained and equipped to minister and to bring the gospel to the unreached and unengaged through business.

For this to happen, Costa Ricans need:
– A legitimate and viable business opportunity in the unreached world to give them sustainability and relationships
– Business training to start and run a business in the unreached world
– Relationship evangelism & discipleship training so they can harness the relationships developed through the business

Cafe Feliz seeks to directly and/or indirectly meet these specific needs, in the name of Jesus.

Vision Statement
We see ourselves, in a few years’ time, as a flexible, agile team of entrepreneurs who are Kingdom-minded, above all else.

We make decisions, not only towards the bottom line of making a profit, but towards the eternity- focused end of having maximum impact for the life-transforming glory of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the heart of every person the business brings our way.

The Holy Spirit is our guide in every aspect of our day because He knows better than anyone which needs people have and how to best serve them in both tangible and intangible ways.

While it is the everyday tasks of a business endeavor which will open doors for relationships leading to Kingdom conversations, it is how we conduct ourselves in those everyday tasks which will deepen our ability to meet the needs of our community in profound and soul-touching ways. Our Master said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)

With this being the vision at the forefront of our team’s mind, we will, Lord-willing, have stories to share of how Jesus has changed the lives of people in multiple nations: in Costa Rica, in the United States, and in the Middle & Far East because He is more faithful to fulfill the call He has placed on our lives than we can ever imagine.

Mission Statement
We transform lives worldwide, by living out the Gospel through business relationships.


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