A Nicaraguan Teen, Working Her Way out of Poverty and Heartache

We have had the sweet opportunity to employ two part-time housemaids in our home. Rosy (below, left) is a strong Costa Rican  believer who has a heart for helping the downtrodden. She introduced us to Patty (below, right) and two of her sisters, Diana and Yiyi (pronouced Gigi).

Patty is a Nicaraguan immigrant, living in a difficult situation here in San José. She is 18 and is finishing 8th grade faithfully during night school. We agreed to hire Patty as a intern helper a few months ago so that she could gain experience working for a family and make a little money, if she was willing to continue her studies and she would agree to do a Spanish Bible study with Marie, in our home, once a week. She agreed to everything and has not missed a single day of work since then.

Patty Rosy

Our wonderful household helpers: Rosy (left) and Patty (right), with our dog, Babe

Marie had an opportunity to share the Gospel, in its entirety, with Patty a few weeks ago and Patty opened up to her, sharing about her fears, her hurts, and how she wants Jesus to be on the throne of her life, but she’s not sure yet if she’s ready to commit her life to Him.  She has encountered many people in the Church whom she found to be hypocrites, so they have had a couple of chances to discuss that, from a Biblical perspective. Please pray for her true salvation!

Rosy & Patty help us in the home 3 days a week. Patty attended an  English class at a local church on Wednesday mornings until the class ended and she has made progress in her English-speaking ability! She wants to be an English teacher here in Costa Rica someday. We believe that Patty will not be cleaning houses for her lifelong career – she is wanting and is made for something else, but we can see that her faithfulness in her current tasks are preparing her for what’s next! We cannot wait to see how else God works in her life.

Please pray with us for Patty and for the wonderful opportunity we have to be witnesses to her of the deep, life-changing love of God, as she works in the home which He has given us. Pray, also, for her family. She has a difficult home life, but we see evidence of how the Lord is providing encouragement for her in the midst of the struggle. We are praying that her entire family will come to know Jesus in an intimate, life-transforming way.

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